Board of Ed FAQs

How is the Greenwich Board of Education organized?

The Greenwich Board of Education has 8 members, 4 from each political party, so it is a balanced board.

How long do board members serve?

Each Board member is elected to a four year term. In a municipal election year, four Board members are up for reelection, two from each party, and the terms are staggered so that only half of the Board is up for election in any municipal election year.

How are the candidates names put on the ballot?

The political party Town Committees endorse candidates for the general election. This year, the Democratic Town Committee endorsed three candidates who are vying for their two seats. The Republican Town Committee has endorsed only two candidates for their two seats.

So how does the election work?

ALL voters, regardless of party affiliation, are entitled to vote for UP TO four candidates for the Board of Education. So that means any person in any party can vote for any candidate. However, only the top two vote recipients in each party will be seated on the Board.

This year, both Republican candidates will be elected no matter how you vote. Your real choice is amongst the three Democratic candidates. One of the three Democratic candidates will not be elected.

How is the Chair of the Board of Education elected?

The Chair of the Board of Education is elected by the members on an annual basis. So in November 2019, the new Board will elect a chair, vice chair and secretary.

What is the role of the Greenwich Board of Education?

The Board of Education is the governing body of the Greenwich Public Schools, and shall govern the District in such a manner that it sets the national standard for governance, oversight, public engagement and stewardship of the public education system. (Stated on the Greenwich Public Schools' website)

The Board has only one employee, the Superintendent, who reports to the Board.